How do we do this?

We facilitate easy and quick access to peers in an informal, virtual and trusted workspace, through sharing knowledge, delivering solutions & expertise and by providing hands on support, where possible leveraging untapped potential in people, processes and tooling.

We organize and facilitate meetings, sparring, surveys, all based on community demands (see upcoming events). All supported with a very user friendly app and experienced facilitators and network ambassadors.

We are geared around “peer to peer” collaboration, information sharing and building best practices in a professional and confidential setting. Through “active networking, focusing on learning, sharing and delivery of pragmatic solutions, we unleash hidden potential“ in our people and are having some fun whilst at it.

Our network facilitators support you (and your team) to resolver C&B related challenges at hand. We believe in doing that interdisciplinary and through co-creation, leveraging (y)our professional networks and stakeholders leveraging the best elements of CBMN (LinkedIn Group) and Rumbold (NL Based C&B / HR Community).