What do we do?

Enabling C&B and HR professionals to network, collaborate and co-create on C&B related matters

What will make your day? We asked that question to 250+ C&B professionals via CBMN / RUMBOLD member survey earlier this year. Their answer:

“A go-to place to discuss and solve concrete issues around a global workforce that is getting more and more sophisticated in its expectations”

“Active networking, focusing on learning, sharing and delivery of pragmatic solutions, having some fun whilst at it!"

From the same survey we also learned from that there is (too) much on their plates and that a clear appetite exists for solving some of those challenges together through facilitated networking.

To make a significant step towards becoming that “go to place” we are “unleashing the hidden potential in these networks” through facilitating (mostly online) the following:

- User Cases – How did we approach it in our company (sharing)
- Expert Perspectives – How does it work (learning)
- Sparring – How do we solve it (pragmatic)
- Meet & Greet (fun)